Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Biggest Spinner and other absolute randomness

I tried starting fingerless mitts tonight. Of course I didn't have the right size needle (why do I never have the right size needle?) and first they were really too big (baby hat size), then almost right, (but still too big), and then a smidge too small. I am still working on that one under the theory that they'll stretch. I'm knitting them in this lovely merino/angora yarn that I made The Sock out of back in April. It's beautiful yarn. Really too nice for socks, but would be so warm for fingerless mitts. If I can ever get gauge.
Definitely too small. Probably doing it wrong anyway. Frog.

I started knitting because my wrist is killing me, I think I pulled something spinning yesterday. Or maybe working at my real job. Or a combination of both. In any case, I thought that spinning might make it worse. Knitting didn't seem to stress it.
Spot the real cat

Meanwhile I am feeling guilty because I am not working out while watching the first episode of the Biggest Loser, instead I am nursing a spinning injury. Oh well, maybe people will think I got it in spin class.. Good story anyway.

Favorite things pictures: One of my tanks. Last night I did the filter in this one, and despaired of ever getting it looking good again. But it's decent tonight. We won't talk about the turtle tank where I killed the filter, only to have it miraculously revive in the middle of the night. Still a good reminder I should probably stop buying fiber and instead get the canister filter I've been meaning to buy for Slider.
Random fish tank picture
My new angelfish. I can't seem to keep them alive in this hard water so don't get all bonded. But this time I'm trying them in an established planted tank. If it works, I'll plant a bigger tank, age it,and set them up in there. Cause I love them. The upper picture is the same tank, with my rescue Blood Parrot. He was almost dead at Walmart and I took him home. That was 18 months ago. He's still little, but growing!

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