Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tour De Fleece, er France

Did you know:

  • Le Tour De Fleece started in 1903
  • The first Tour was rife with cheating, the winner thrown out for taking a train part of the route.
  • Several people have died on the Tour, including a competitor who plunged down a ravine.
  • The tour is over 2000 miles long, and is on a different route every year, but it always ends in Paris.
  • The last place finisher is awarded a red jersey and called the 'Lantern Rouge'.

Lance Armstrong is competing in his last tour, and I'm watching and learning about it. After all, I named my dog partially after him! At the same time, I am participating in the Tour De Fleece, where spinners spin yarn for each day of the tour. I'm competing on several teams, and hope to spin through a good part of my stash.

I'm also taking pictures to show each day..

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