Monday, July 26, 2010

Introducing Rosebud

You know that thing about not getting to take Rosie. The spinning wheel I bought specifically to take with me to Seattle. My angst over what to do.. And what to take. And whether I could just leave the suitcase of clothes home and fit her in anyway..? (really, I still think that people could have just dressed in layers). Well, I did it.

I bought another spin- dle! On Saturday we snuck over to Detta's Spindle where she showed me some lovely drop spindles made by a man in Bloomington MN. Dragonfly spindles. They're lovely, beautiful wood, and after a quick lesson from Detta, I could even kind of make yarn.

So, Rosebud came home. Isn't she pretty? She's 1.1 oz and made out of spalted pin oak and red oak. I spent that day spindling around the Mall of America, and by the end of the day, I was doing ok.

Of course Rosebud would be lonely being an only spindle, others may mysteriously appear, but I feel fairly smug. The fact I couldn't drop spindle secretly bothered me.

And there is no WAY she won't fit in the van for the trip!

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