Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The suffering Multitude

Or the family, who give up their bathroom to washed and dripping yarn, while the lovely aroma of wet wool wafts through the air.... Myself, I think it adds to the decor!

After you spin and ply your yarn, you see, you must wash it. This removes the oils and dirt from being handled and also sets the twist. First you start with a hot water soak, then a bit of fulling (a gentle squeezing typically) and finally a drip dry. I personally hang mine overnight to let some of the water drip out, and then I lay it out to finish drying before labeling and storing it away.

So far this tour has netted me 19 more skeins, 17 of which were washed today. That's 4.48 miles or 7.22 KM (we are doing the Tour de France after all!) of yarn! Or 7,900 yards. 4 more days to go! Wonder how many I can really get done?

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