Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Procrastination is an artform

That I excel at!

Now that the TDF is over, I took the opportunity to finish a project bag I'd planned out in early June. I wove this out of Noro Vintage. Have I mentioned my Noro obsession? Noro is my guilty pleasure. The warp is cotton blue warp.

This bag is um, unique. I was really on a steep learning curve here, but it's cute, and it's finished! A woven bag!

The perfect home for Rosebud, the little spindle, and my current on the needles Noro scarf.. I'll put in a magnet closure tomorrow, and maybe even a button (I love buttons) but hey it's off the loom. Which is a good thing cause the loom is now residing in the craft tote, waiting to go with us on vacation. Yes, the loom is going. It's surrounded by fiber and yarn, quite happy in there.

Nothing else is actually packed yet. Oh well.

Sky after the storm tonight

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