Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tour De Fleece (2)

More facts:

Biking is a gentleman's sport (Literally - WHERE are the women?) where sportsmanship is important.

They ride in teams and will defer to the team captain. (The GC)

My GC - Bella

The main group is called the Peloton. The people riding in front are the Breakaway. They're followed by the team cars, which are positioned in order of the start (ie the first place car first etc).

There are around 650,000 people in Brussels. Reports say that 500,000 of them turned out to watch the TDF ride by.

But all of this is immaterial to the fact I have decided I want to live in a castle! Or actually by a castle! Why don't we have castles in the US? I mean, we don't even have a Tour de Americas or anything. Wouldn't that be cool? But not as cool as in Europe because they have beautiful castles everywhere. Can you stay in a castle? I think I want to do that. I want to go to Europe (anywhere - not particular) and stay in a castle. Possibly during the TDF, so I can cheer as they ride by. But then I couldn't participate in the Tour De Fleece. Speaking of:

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