Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Days Flyin' By

I don't even know where July is going. It's getting lost in a stream of yarn, bartending, and generalized work. Though this does not equate with house cleaning. Oh well, Creativity outranks cleanliness.

On Friday, I worked an 11 hour shift in the bar, which is fairly unusual for me now. Typically I'm working an 11 hour managing shift. But it was someone's birthday, and her best friend needed to go celebrate. It was actually really fun until a glass from an overhead rack dropped down, shattering glass all over me and the bar. It took forever to clean up (you have to replace all the ice, all the fruit, and anything else uncovered glass could have fallen into. Made more difficult by the amount of glass that fell into my shirt. The rest of the night was a rather startling experience, I'd move and feel the prickle of unseen glass everywhere.

Then today, I worked there again, only to have a cooler break, and Ron the repairman hang out all day using a blow torch. There's nothing quite like pouring a margarita with a blow torch 3 inches from your leg. Not to mention, there is only one way in or out of the rail, and the blowtorch was blocking it. Made for a long day.

And on the Tour De France side of things, even though Lance looks to be out of it, I'm now rooting for Andy Schleck and Levi Leipheimer, along with Sylvain Chavenell. And I'm still spinning yarn. So far, haven't missed a day, and my hard work is resulting in super pretty yarn being produced. So onward up the Alps we go.

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