Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twisting Threads to Finish

I made myself a deal - if I allowed myself to buy a new wheel I would start to ply my singles. This is also imperative because July, will be taken up with Tour de Fleece, where all the Ravelry spinning people spin through the Tour de France. Fun, right? But if I meet my goal, that's another 30 balls of singles.

When I spin, I immediately wind the singles off the bobbin into a center pull ball. I can then store the singles without putting them under pressure, and can ply the singles back on themselves, which makes in theory, a more balanced finished skein.

But that leaves me with a ton of singles, because I don't have to ply to empty my bobbins out. So the past 2 weeks, in between weaving, working, and going to see Sting in concert(!!!!!!!!!!) I have been plying yarn. And plying more yarn.. Why not leave it as a single? Plying makes the colors richer, adds strength to the yarn, and makes it pretty. Nuff said.

Here is the first batch I finished. I'm now refilling my niddy noddies (PVC washable homemade niddy noddies), with the next batch.

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