Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow Day

 Yes, again. Another 5 inches, or 8, or something. A lot. In the city, they were playing football outside since the dome collapsed (really, a balloon top for a city that gets this much snow? Not the best idea), and it was snowing. Here, I was off of work and just worked on projects. I got 6 inches of a tube scarf done, it may still turn into a hat. It's not too late to start decreasing really. And I spun and plied, and then cabled a yarn. One strand is merino/cashmere, the other is merino/yak. It's 140 yards of sportweight cable. After I got that washed and hanging, I started a purple mystery batt. That turned into 120 yards of Navajo ply. It's I think destined to be a hat. Someone who shall remain nameless, is starting to set her eyes on my handspun yarn. Probably because I made the mistake of giving her a skein and asking her to make me a Godric's Hollow hat. I can't do it myself since I still am having issues purling. I am under the impression now, that no skein of handspun may be safe. To move from a collector to an actual user of handspun will take some adjustment I believe.
Purply bluey pinky batt. I know it has mohair and wool - and glitz!

Cabled luxury yarn. Still soaking wet and hanging out.
Can't a girl get any beauty sleep?

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