Friday, December 3, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

The pre-blizzard backyard snow shot.
It's snowing again. A lot. I mean, seriously, we might have a blizzard. I've seen very few blizzards. But right now, it's looking promising for a blizzard. Snow is not a favorite thing. Neither are blizzards. Actually, they are my least favorite things, right along with going to the Dentist, or stapling my eyelids together. Not that I've ever done that. But I might if it could transport me to somewhere warm and sunny. I'd go to great lengths to go somewhere warm and sunny.

Somewhere like Disney World. Or Jamaica. Greece, Egypt, Italy, Australia. I could keep going. I'd settle for Disney World actually. Warm, happy, fake snow. A place where you can celebrate Christmas and snow with WARM snow. All of y'all who have these fantasy snow ideas do realize that it's cold right? I'm just asking because I never did.

However, being trapped inside during a blizzard leads to retail therapy. I like retail therapy. My bank account does not. So, it's more of a window-shop therapy. Anyway, my window shop therapy reminded me of something.

People are looking for Christmas gifts, oh, I'm sure, some of you are all smug 'I finished shopping already!' Uh huh, sure you did. That's great. Well, if Santa is still out in the workshop, here are some things I love and that might make a great gift for someone on your list!

Went to this concert in Minnesota. It was AMAZING! Now the DVD is out. Perfect for a snowy or rainy evening when you need to get away for awhile.

Seriously, this is an amazing CD. Spencer writes all his music, and it is beautiful! Really beyond words. 

These shoes have made my job so much easier. I am addicted to them, they're comfy, and help with back and knee pain so, so much! Totally worth the price!

Totally addicted, amazingly good, and completely decadent!

Gil is a great writer, and these books are great! Amazon carries several other titles from over in England as well, they're on my next order list!

What's your best gift idea this year?

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  1. I love snow and blizzards, I have lived through a bunch of BIG ones in Western NY. I don't like cold, or ice or high bitter cold winds.

    Sunny and 80 here in the desert today. *ducks*

    Nice list.