Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blue Christmas

I'm into blue right now evidently. Blue reminds me of the ocean, of the sunset, of the sky, and all the shades in between. There are no colors that I really get tired of, but I think blue makes everyone happy. It surrounds you with a level of peace.

Blue Caribbean scarf

Blue hat

Blue merino/cashmere yarn

And of course we need happy colors here because we got another 20 inches of snow over the weekend. I have pictures, but I'll save those for another post. Except for these as an illustration as to how deep this snow is, remember, we already had quite a bit on the ground.

That is a 7 foot high sign, the snow is piled so high you can't see around corners

And it makes snow mountains and sculptures

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  1. Blue is my favorite color. That merino/cashmere looks devine. Nice hat, too.

    I remember times with all that snow.

    Thank you for leaving me that comment.