Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Shawl Thing

I like shawls, they're kind of triangular scarves that are bigger. And my crochet elf can place fun crocheted edges on them. But the next one I'm doing the increases a bit differently, I want it to be wider and shorter. A 2X increase should do this. This is Araucana Azapa in Malted Cocoa. Edged with Cascade Eco Duo, in 1704. No pattern (of course!), but the edging is crochet.

Pictures are pre-blocking.

See? It's cozy

Oh a shawl!

I love shawls

I'll guard it for you!

I like it too, but no pictures!

It matches my fur


  1. Very pretty. Now, I want to know what yarn you used? It does go well with the fur.

    The hat I made was Bernat, Baby Jaquard to answer your question.