Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Work Work Work

Work work all week long, punchin that clock from dusk to dawn..

The immortal words of Alan Jackson.
I am ignoring your existance!

Do you have ANY idea how much I miss you!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you, this is me this week. Working every daylight hour. And most of the dark ones too. Anyone notice how early that is now? With my 3:00 - 1:00 AM work, sleep till noon gig it seems really, really early. Sigh. Winter is coming.

Top 10 ways you can tell you've worked too much in a week.

10 - You contemplate sleeping in work clothes to save time in the morning (afternoon ahem)

9 - Your dog doesn't recognize you when you get home.

8 - When running another errand you realize that you're automatically driving to work instead.

7 - You entertain yourself for hours with mere office supplies (wanna know how many cool things you can make with a paperclip?)

6 - During the dinner rush you suddenly blurt out to the new guy - HEY! We're going to have a Christmas Ornament exchange, but they're gonna be homemade, and from things we have here in the restaurant!!

5 - You make up songs with hand motions about serving technique.

4 - Other employees start to ask if you ever actually go home?

3 - After drinking 4 iced coffees in a row, you start randomly dancing around the prep area while cleaning.

2 - You break into hysterical giggling over the phrase 'cutting' people.

1 - You start to write a book using all the weird and crazy employees you've worked with over the last 4 years. It's a murder mystery.

One more week of crazy work schedule and I think it'll be back to normal around here. Whatever that is. I wonder if my employer would object if I started teaching everyone to knit at work.. I could sell it as some sort of zen relaxation thing or something.

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