Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why are there no bathrooms on exit ramps?

One of my goals this year (ever noticed I am a goal oriented person? I say it's a good trait) was to go to more concerts. I love concerts, and I have a list of people to see in concert. I've been holding true to this, so far this year, I've been to concerts featuring, Miranda Lambert, Justin Moore, Brad Paisley, STING!!!!!!!!!!

ahem, and now tonight I went to see Lee Ann Womack, Reba, and George Strait. Awesome concert, right? Anyone would want to go. (everyone who hates country music and therefore has no taste be quiet!) Only problem, a really, really tight time frame, working a zillion hours in the days running up to the concert, and of course having to leave the next day for a 3 day trip. You only live once afterall, may as well pack it all in.

So we were dashing to the city tonight, a mere 40 minutes before the start of the concert. I really need to use the restroom. Hmm. I can make it, I can hold it till we get to the concert no problem. Easy.

We pull off the freeway, passing by the first parking ramp cause it's like a 6 block walk. Then, we stop. Freeze. Absolutely no movement. For 15 minutes. We are down to 20 minutes to the start of the show. and I REALLY have to go to the bathroom! And we go around a corner. And get stopped again. This time, by a film crew. Seriously. Shooting a movie. In the street. Before a concert. 2 blocks from the entrance. And I REALLY HAVE TO PEE! We sit. I am now staring at businesses, and the restroom likeliness and gauging whether either person in my car would be capable of taking over the wheel in this traffic mess.

Finally, we're past the movie shoot, and then WHAM! Cars stopped in the street turned off. Possibly the film crews. Now I am flashing back to a bad memory of a playoff game, another great idea to take my nephews, no parking and no bathrooms that culminated in me shoving the kids out of the car to meet my boyfriend while I drove in circles, and at one point double parked and ran into some middle eastern restaurant past everyone to frantically use the restroom apologizing while running back out to hop back in the illegally parked blocking traffic car. But I digress. So finally, I cut in front of another car, narrowly missing them, dash through a changing light past a traffic cop and slide into the correct garage. We hop out and I NEED TO GO POTTY!!! We have 10 minutes to concert time and race through 3 skyways (this stupid city is all skyways, something to do with snow and the uninhabitable winters) and around a corner. BAM! Line. Huge line. Cause twentybajillion people are waiting to enter the concert.

Now, I spent some time here, several hours once, attending a political rally. As this is striving to be a politics free blog, that's all I'll say except, that I know, the closest restrooms are 2 more skyways down by some restaurants. So I grab my ticket, leave my frazzled concert goers and go racing out to the restroom.

I get there. It's closed. I could not make this up. Seriously, it's closed. I look at my options. Piano bar. Cover charge, dang, I'm out of cash. Applebees! Awesome! Chain restaurant, I know how this works, I can threaten to write a letter if they won't let me in! So I go racing over. The following conversation is verbatim:

Me "I'm sorry, I really need to use your restroom" Host: "there's a public one just around the corner" Me: It's closed, I need to use yours". host: "It is? I'm not allowed to let you use ours" me: Me "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND I need to use YOUR restroom. Where is it?" Host: (looking shaken and a little scared) in very small voice - "in the corner over there".

Mission accomplished, I run out the doors, back through the 2 skyways and into the venue.

The concert, by the way was AWESOME!!! Totally worth it. I'm just going to write some letters on the possibility of adding public restrooms to exit ramps or something.

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