Monday, October 11, 2010

Stop the Press!

I know somewhere, someone is changing the world for the better, striving to cure AIDS, end war, and give peace a chance.

I, am not doing any of those things.

However, I JUST MANAGED TO MAKE A STRIPED FINGERLESS MITT!!! Yes!! Using non-striping yarn, and by carrying a strand along, I made a STRIPPED FINGERLESS MITT!!!!!!!! In Seattle Mariners colors no less!

The Mitt - potentially it will become a pair...

To put this into perspective, until 6 months ago, I could not even knit anything besides a straight scarf. This is really an epic moment. I mean, Fair Isle here we come!! Ok, eventually.

Now if I could just figure out how to purl consistently I'd be in business.

Speaking of fingerless mitts, I believe I am addicted. They're fast, they're cute, and sweet, and useful. Socks might possibly be more useful but let's not go there on the night that I am reveling in using 2 colors in knitting. Mittens and fingerless mitts are enough for now. This week I've made 3.5 pairs, and now I can whip them out in around 2 episodes of Law and Order SVU, or 3 episodes of Law and Order UK (takes longer due to the adorable accents, and cuteness factor).
3 pairs, 3 sizes, all for different people

I even managed to use a skein of handspun yarn for one pair. This is another epic item for me, as typically the stash is sacred. No handspun actually leaves.
Handspun from the The Painted Tiger, I love this yarn!

I did manage to get some spinning done this past week too. Finished some gorgeous purple singles that are a silk/coopworth blend. I'm leaving it as singles, it's so pretty and extremely strong. Then I pulled out my Jensen and spun 4 oz of BFL/Silk from Knitty and color. Isn't it gorgeous? Love this! I have more! Finished in N-ply I think it's around 175 yards. Just makes you happy doesn't it?

Beautiful BFL/Silk, my favorite fiber to spin most days

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