Friday, October 22, 2010

Dells, Dogs, and Dive Bombs

Cute little WI barn

Or a weekend trip to the Wisconsin Dells.

I'm not a native. I've never claimed to be. If I was a native midwestern cold loving, person who thinks it's natural for water to freeze, I would have a storied family tradition of doing to the Wis Dells. After all, evidently that's what people do for fun here.

I am however a responsible adult who believes it's necessary that no kid be left out when everyone else in their class has been to some town I've driven past on my way to Madison or Chicago. So, off we went.

Did I mention the work schedule I've had? Or the concert last night that lasted till 12:30? Mere events in my life. No reason not to head out the door. After a marathon house cleaning of course.

Off we went, kids, kids at heart, and the dogs. For a grand adventure.

UM Stout Menomonie WI has the coolest buildings

The Theater

I think the fall colors are giving up their fight

I love this rock formation

And look at the sunset!!! It's gorgeous!

Honestly one of the prettiest one I've ever seen

We ate dinner at Buffalo Phils

With our own captive Buffalo

Modeling very cool fingerless mitts if I do say so myself

And heading off into the wilds of the Dells

And into the wilds of Mt Olympus Waterpark

While the boys swam, I knitted on my shawl. It's almost done

Our hotel room is HUGE!

with a 2 person jacuzzi

a pool view

and 2 king beds next door!

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