Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dells Day 2

Ok, there's supposed to be a hawl thing here. But doesn't it look like face?

We got up bright and early today and divided and conquered. Some to the pool, and others to Madison WI to yarn shops. We found a lovely little one on the lake with a great coffee shop behind it. So fun!

Then we headed down to ride the Ducks, and go for more water rides. Knitting commenced again, but I worked on something new, so not much progress was made.

I love Madison, but it's C-O-L-D!

Wisconsin River

Look!! A crooked house!!!!!!

The WI river where the ducks go in

Thus starts a zillion pictures

Mr Driver was great, and super funny.

There was an old 1850s house behind here, but I found the old gazebo more interesting

The trail home

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