Saturday, June 5, 2010

To be in Jolly England

I think I should be living in England. At least today.

In England, I could walk over the emerald green fields, gaze at the ocean, talk with a lovely accent, and take tea. And no one would think I was weird for drinking tea and knitting. (the spinning probably would still throw people).

I could also knit tea cozies!!! Cute little flowered tea cozies like the ones in this blog here. Yup. That is what I want to do. Have a cottage by the sea, drink tea, take walks with my dogs on the beach, and through the green fields, and make tea cozies.

At least that's the thought today. Tomorrow maybe Italy, where I could knit shawls and stare at art and fountains while knitting said shawls. Or maybe Greece..

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