Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rosie's Story

I went on Friday and picked up our newest family member. And now I can really say I have a herd of spinning wheels. Let's just put it this way, I could teach a class here using my own wheels!

I've blogged about why I needed Rosie before and while some of the details may have been sketchy, she was still meant to come home.

You see, I started looking at travel spinning wheels, and I really wanted a Majacraft Little Gem. They're tiny, they're cute, they look kind of like a duck to me. I'm not sure why. Now I am blessed,incredibly blessed to have one of the best Spinning Shops literally 8 miles down the street from me. I don't get over to Detta's as much as I'd like, for one thing I'd go broke, for another I'm always busy. But I treated myself to a trip there. When you step inside, there's every type of wheel imaginable plus Detta herself who has tons of experience and knowledge about each wheel. You can sit for hours and spin (and I have). Plus she has dogs! Lovely sweet dogs, who will come lay at your feet and assist you. Basically it's like my house with a few more wheels (becoming less all the time). Plus, go downstairs and she has an incredible room filled to the brim with fiber and knitting needles, and yarn, and books! Anyway, so I went to Detta's to try to the Little Gem, and while there, after assembling and trying out the new Majacraft Aura, I fell in love with Rosie. She had amazing wood graining, sleek lines, and spun like a dream. If I had been looking at puppies, she would have followed me home.

I rationally picked her, because of the Wild Flyer, because of the ratios, because Majacraft wheels treadle like no other. But in reality, it was her tiger stripes that got to me.

So when I e-mailed Detta later to tell her I wanted a Rose, and mentioned I couldn't get over this one's gorgeous wood, she graciously saved her for me till I could stop buying fiber long enough to pick her up. And on Friday there she was, waiting for me.

And no matter what anyone says, she does fold down, making her much more portable than my Saxony wheels...

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