Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Sparkle

A three day weekend! Why can't all weekends be three day weekends? Enough time to play, move furniture, relax and sleep in. Three days is a magic number!

I wasn't scheduled a 3 day weekend but I decided to take Monday off on a whim and gave myself one. This was a good thing because we had a big project planned which involved moving 3 couches, and deep cleaning 2 rooms. So the first 2 days were basically taken up with that.

But I did get some fun time, especially since I can now spin again on the new couch instead of being relegated to a chair because of my back. I even finished a yarn! Which is a minor miracle, on last count I have about 30 (I am not exaggerating here - 30!) skeins waiting to be plied, finished and wound off..

This is the yarn, waiting to be blocked. It's one batt from Butterflygirldesigns, and baby alpaca from Spinning Bunny blended together into a soft sparkly shimmery yarn. I love spinning. It's instant gratification.

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