Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weights and Measures

I am not good with numbers. A long time ago, when I showed dogs, I fed a raw diet and my butcher had a great deal on chicken. Somewhere around 25 cents a pound! So I promptly ordered 400 pounds of it. Except, I asked for 40 cases. Each case was 40 pounds.. Do you know how hard it is to find storage for 40 cases of chicken. In the summer? And recently, I did a change order for work. How was I to know that 200.00 of quarters took up that much room?

So all that brings me to my wool. I am not good with numbers there either. Which is why, I have 10 pounds of black superwash Merino wool in my closet. Along with 7 pounds of black Suri alpaca. What exactly was I thinking? I am not sure. Probably that it was a good buy. The alpaca is waiting to be turned into roving with silk. The superwash is a bit more troublesome. I mean, who wants a black scarf? (not me) who wants to knit a black scarf? (NOT ME!) Actually one of my nephews has been asking for one, but that's besides the point.

And that might even be ok, but evidently it's cursed. I spun up one bobbin to have it somehow in the middle of the night tangle into an unusable mess. Then last night I decided to drag it out again. The one use I have found for it, is spinning it thick, and plying it with a color into a lovely striped yarn. I decided to do that with some pink Angora/Merino yarn I'd spun into a thin 40WPI single. So I spun, then I plied. Looked lovely. I started to wind it off onto a niddy noddy, when it occurred to me that my brain earlier had said, no! Ply this into a cable with the other pink stuff. So I stopped the niddy noddy took it off and it promptly flipped into a tangled mess. Guess who was up till 2:30 AM untangling yarn?

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