Friday, June 4, 2010

A Tisket a Tasket A Yarny little Basket..

Is that how you spell Tisket and tasket? And what are they? Something lost to time? My Grandma used to sing this song, along with a myriad of others. My favorite was always "Lonely Little Petunia". But every summer morning she'd wake us up at something around 5:30 (ok, maybe it was 8:00, but way too early by singing "Lazy Bones" and if that didn't work she'd vacuum our bedroom. I still hate the sound of vacuums in the morning. But gardening and singing about petunias had to be done, and that requires an early start. She had a huge flower garden, the most amazing that I've ever seen. Lilac trees, roses up to the roof of the house, annuals and perennials spilling together into a melange of color and beauty. It was all edged by river rock, which she had hauled by hand from the Green River, one by one. When I was really little, we used to go get that rock, and look for wild Easter Lilies in the spring. By the time I was older, the rock edge was complete, and the Easter Lilies had disappeared farther into the woods.

Anyway, here's the yarn I spun this week, evidently I was on a purple kick. There are a few balls missing, things I've already packed away. Once I spin the singles, I wind them on my handy dandy ball winder into a center pull ball, and store them that way. Then I ply from the ball, using each end of the yarn to make a 2 ply. Though one thing I want to learn is to do a Navajo ply. I might try that with one of these. After I watch more videos of it on Youtube, or maybe I'll just keep looking up old songs and memories.

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