Friday, May 14, 2010

Rationalizing Rosie

You can rationalize anything, right?

Love, war, a house, a move.. A 5th spinning wheel..

That you really don't need- or do you..


1 - You need a travel wheel, ok, so she's a little big, but she does fold down.

2 - You need a wheel with replaceable parts to travel with. She does have that. Definitely.

3 - You need a wheel for art yarn. Cause you'd like to someday learn how to really spin art yarn. And you are totally stuck with having old fashioned orfice based spinning wheels.

4 - You need a wheel named Rosie. Obviously!

5 - You need a wheel with amazing grain to the wood.

6 - You need a wheel that you can put a quill on.

7 - Everyone needs a 5th wheel to have a 5th project going on.

8 - You need to support the economy.

9 - You need this wheel to live out a perfect day.

A perfect day, a vision of a perfect day is what it really amounts to. A vision of myself at the ocean, walking my dogs, jumping in the waves, and enjoying the peace, only to come back to my little cabin with a fire crackling and a spinning wheel there waiting to help me capture waves of roving into yarns of the ocean. Someday that will be my life every day. But this summer, I am vowing to have a perfect day. Just one perfect day. With my Rosie spinning wheel by my side.

Completely rational thinking.

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