Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tomorrow is another day

Or as Scarlet so succinctly put it, "I'll think about it tomorrow!".

But tomorrow is indeed another day, and I am set.

Exhibit 1 - New sock making book titled: Socks are easy 3 ways or something like that.

Exhibit 2 - New Addi Turbo lace needles, with glossy sharp gold points just waiting to make yarn pretty.

Exhibit 3 - 20.00 skein of Angora/Merino sock wool. After all, it's easier to use expensive yarn than cheap (strangely true).

Exhibit 4 - An entire day to devote to sock making. Ok, in reality I should be devoting it to cleaning but whatever.

Exhibit 5 - An Ipod with twenty zillion Kenny Chesney songs on it to listen to.

10:00 AM Well armed, I sat down on the couch to start knitting. I expertly cast on the required stitches and then the book wisely said: "Join". Join? Join how? Why? WHAT? Oops. I didn't know how I was supposed to join this into the magical circle that will magically make a sock appear on the magic loop. But obviously this books thinks I know things already, like how to join 2 straight lines to make a loop. Sure.

Insert Youtube video on joining in the round.

Back to sock. First 10 rows are easy, I'm knitting away, but then I realize that my join is disintegrating, and looks horrid. I rip the sock out and start again.

2nd Youtube video, new joining technique.

Cast on again. Knit again, yucky gap again.




Cast on again, knit again, decide to yank the life out of the yarn and ignore any gap in the hope it will go away.

12:30. Ribbing of cuff completed.

I am insanely proud - as long as I turn it so the gap isn't visible. Minor detail.

2:00 Cuff is completed. I am making an ankle sock, either because I like them, or because, more likely, I like a minimalist approach to knitting (aka I get bored knitting quickly).

And then I realize I am at the heel. The heel.

I realize the first part is easy, except I don't have a clue how to SSK. It sounds like some weird defunct group, one I wouldn't want to join, and I decide to frankly ignore it. Or rather research it later.

So I make the heel, and get to the gusset. The directions call for you to use the front needle to pick up the right hand stitches and stitch them down. Ok - first of all, which is the front needle? Second of all, which is the right side? I mean, this is a circular object.

3:30 - 4:00 Youtube vids on gussets. I charge bravely forth and get the entire thing done in one fell swoop (after I decide what is front, and what is right), but promptly realize I totally forgot to insert stitch markers. So do I rip out my lovely gusset, or continue on markerless? Any guesses?

Sock after 10 hours of knitting.

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