Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fiber Fiber Everywhere and Nary a Thing to Wear!

The good part of having a lot of fiber is that we have a blizzard and lose power, we have additional insulation in the house. And if Walmart goes out of business, we have a way to make clothes.

Then there is the fact that the cats love to snuggle in fiber. And of course it's squishable art! A squishy squooshy, palette of color, texture and gorgeous possibility.

But could there be too much fiber? Nah! Never! Which is why on Saturday, I attended Shepherd's Harvest Festival in Lake Elmo MN. I love this fest! Normally I go both days, but my paying job has been horrendously busy and didn't allow me to go on Sunday. But I certainly still had enough time to shop. And shop some more. My goals this year:

1 - Not buy any fleece. Nope! Not any fleece. Cause I still have a ton to process here.

2 - Not buy anything I can dye at home.

3 - Not buy anything that required a cage or food.

With those goals in mind what did I buy?

A pile of roving, all soft sqooshy and lovely. And I also got 3 gorgeous little baskets that hold anything from the TV remote to a water bottle (clever eh?!)

Alas, even though I did meet my goals, these new acquisitions did cause my poor wool closet to explode. Which lead to todays project. Sort through the wool. I also wanted to get a bunch ready to send to a mill for processing.

Now pride prevented pictures of the 'during' part of my wool remodel. Simply picture a living room where 27 sheep, 12 alpacas, and a bunch of kool-aid have exploded into a riot of squishable stuff.That would pretty much cover it.

Tonight, 10 hours later, I am left with remants of wool laying around, 2 rubbermaid containers still hanging out (the resident fiber there is going to a new home) , and an organized closet. It'll stay that way till the new wool typhoon hits..

41210 022

But look at how pretty the closet is! And think of all the possibilities!

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