Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back to the Dilemma

After that lovely interlude in wood aka my herd of wheels, I am back to the sock.

So I kind of forgot the stitch markers. And really, do you need them for the decrease? I'm not sure but I decide to wing it. Is anyone surprised here? I can hardly follow a pattern, and definitely don't like to (which is why I failed miserably at my sewing stage, I cut out all those darts or diamonds, or whatever they're called) so I just decreased when I felt like it looked like it needed to be till I counted approximately the correct number of stitches. After that, I knitted around and around, to uncover a gap similar to the one in the cuff. Obviously faulty yarn there.

Two days of late night knitting later, at 2:46 AM I was done! Done with a sock! That was of course after totally not understanding the toe graft so I just closed it by single crocheting (knew my hooker roots would do me well someday!) along the edge.

One sock done! My goal of 2 years completed! Maybe not perfect, but it is a sock. With air conditioning vents.

Off I went the yarn store to buy another skein of Noro (ok 2, be quiet!) and to bask in the glory of MY SOCK! I walked in there, and looked at their sample sweaters, scoffing, saying HA! I could knit that. After all, I knitted a sock!! With AIR CONDITIONING GAPS! That I designed! Without stitch markers! On purpose!

Now to do the other, but first I think I need to knit this Noro stuff into a scarf. And maybe spin some. I'd really like to do a sock out of the Noro silk garden sock yarn I brought home too. Or maybe handspun! Or....

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