Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Study in Wheels..

While contemplating my sock marker dilemma, I take some time out to play with a spinning wheel and some cashmere, silk, alpaca blend roving.

I have 4 spinning wheels. Would you like to meet them? Good, cause I knew you really were dying to.

First let me say, I don't name my spinning wheels. I have too many pets to name spinning wheels. They're instead known by their given name. Given by the company I mean. Second, each is different. Someday I'll go into their backgrounds fully, this is just a quick intro.

In the front left hand side is my Little Mystery wheel. She is solid oak, 19 inch wheel diameter and if I can balance her correctly spins like a dream. I bought her on a whim off of Craigslist. She's pretty, solid, and charming. Who knows what her story really is..

In the middle, is my little Missouri spinning wheel. She was built by a craftsman in the Ozarks and hitchhiked home with me from there. She is adorable, a low ratio slow spinner but makes lovely soft yarn. I call her my fairytale wheel.

To the right, is my Country Craftsman. This is an awesome wheel. I bought her used on Ebay in an attempt to replace an earlier CC, and I have never regretted it. Smooth as silk, and super at spinning lace. Right before writing this, I was spinning laceweight yarn to make into sock yarn eventually. I love this wheel.

In the background is my pride and joy. My 24 inch Jensen production wheel. When I was shopping for my 'ultimate' wheel, she was what I came home with. The person who owned her didn't get along with her great, I, loved her from the first time I sat down at her. She's spectacular and such a solid spinning wheel I can't even describe it. Lightening fast and effortless.

And yes, of course you need more than 1 wheel to spin, I mean, you need more than 1 needle to knit, more than 1 book to read, more than 1 fish tank to stare - ok, maybe that's just me, but in any case, my wheels are all distinct personalities, and I doubt I'll ever stop looking at and collecting wheels. They are an artform all their own. Each one brings me a little closer to the heartbeat of the craft. The craftsmen who turn these wheels, the people who have spun on them before, and even the people who have admired them as a piece of furniture with no real use. All of those are wrapped up in these wheels.

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