Saturday, May 22, 2010

Krafty Kitty

For years we didn't have a cat. Oh sure, they're lovely creatures but in reality, it's much easier to not have litterboxes, and to be able to have fresh flowers, and breakables scattered around the house. Then one day, we thought there was evidence of a mouse. So Bella came home. This little tiny fluff ball of a kitten, took over the house, terrorized the dogs, and developed a fetish for fresh sushi from my fish tanks.

(yes that is an 80 pound german shepherd scared to death of a tiny little 1 pound kitten!)
But there is nothing she likes better than yarn. Familiarity may breed contempt but she is more interested in the mechanics of spinning than she is untangling skeins of yarn. Picture this. I sit down at my wheel, to spin the roving du jour, cat is not in sight. I start spinning, and all the sudden a needle pricks my leg. Then a black shape lightly leaps into my lap, and attacks the yarn spinning onto the wheel. I remove her from my lap, only to have the cycle repeat, generally this time with some cat hair getting spun into the yarn.

I think she's trying to learn how to spin. I think if she could reach the pedals she'd probably be able to spin with ease. As it is, she simply is content to take credit for all the yarn.

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