Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Ocean According to Devin

By Devin C 1-11-12 (12 years old)
Long Beach is always the best part of my trips to Washington State.  Long Beach is a small tourist town with the longest drivable beach in the world.  I lie on the soft, warm sand and stare at the grand Pacific Ocean.  The foam and ocean are like a mirror to the clouds in the blue sky.  I can smell the tangy saltwater from many feet away.  The waves crashing against the sand sound like the roaring winds rushing through the treetops.  I feel the heat of the deep silky sand snuggling against my legs.  It feels like an electric blanket on a nice humongous bed.  My mouth drools as I visualize the taste of roasted hot dogs that will be roasting over the warm embers of the camp fire tonight.  The memory of being here makes me so eager to come back over and over again.

Both of these stories were written for school, different teachers, same assignment and both kids chose practically the same subject matter without consulting each other. Of course, what other place in the world is there, really?

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