Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crashed Ice and Concerts

Yesterday was a long anticipated concert. We were going to see Brad Paisley, The Band Perry, and Scott McCreary! Great lineup to say the least.

Of course in all our planning, we didn't anticipate getting an e-mail from the center hosting the show saying that there were 2 other events going on, and parking was going to be at a premium. Oh, and one event was causing 3 roads to be partially closed.

You see, in the infinite wisdom of this place, they had decided to host the Crashed Ice competition here. And not at a ski resort where it would make sense, nope. It was being held in front of the Cathedral in downtown. Now, the placement of this made no sense except for the fact that people could go pray either beforehand for divine intervention, or else afterwards that their loved one wouldn't die on their way to the hospital. After all, this is not the safest sport. Basically it consists of skating (on ice skates) down a 4 story ramp complete with twists, jumps, dips, and so on. Since evidently it's tacky to charge people to watch other people being injured it was free to the general public. You know, the weirdos who wanted to stand outside in below freezing temps watching people hurtle down the ramp to crash or stagger to the next round.
See all those lights? There is the course.
So to make a long story short, we headed downtown early to get to the concert and find parking. Did I mention it was also snowing? It was. Still, the trip was completed, despite the dire warnings we found parking (for a hefty fee) close to the stadium and headed in for a great event.

Scotty McCreary was charming, and did a great job singing, The Band Perry sounded awesome and did a great job onstage. Then came Brad Paisley complete with laser lights, amazing graphics and an outstanding lineup of songs. It was high energy, enthusiastic, and the graphics were really fun. Some were incredible, like the image of Carrie Underwood singing with Brad, which was lifelike enough to fool the audience into thinking she was there. It took Brad's country music to a rock star level and was a great reminder of how awesome country music can be. Of course his amazing guitar playing is worth the price of admission alone, as is his sense of humor and personality that invades his shows and songs.

"Is Scotty McCreary Brad Paisley's Love Child is this headline"

And Scotty came out to sing part of Celebrity as well

Singing in the middle of a soldout crowd

Workin on a tan with a video of his band as a 60's band. I love that song

With the 'virtual' Carrie

Alcohol with the Band Perry and Scotty up on stage too

The added bonus that I wasn't dumb enough to be outside watching someone break their leg or head was just the icing on the cake..

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