Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Ocean According to Cory

The Ocean
By Cory C 1-10-12 (12 years old)
I lay on the sandy beach of the Pacific Ocean as the waves crash against the
rocks and the campfire crackles, its flames sounding like chips cracking. I look up to
see the waves crawling up the sand; coming up so smoothly like milk going through a
cup. The smell of salt fills the air like baking cookies. The sand feels like a soft cushion
to lay on while you sleep. The taste when the waves splash up and hit you is a bit too
salty. you can smell the hot dogs at the camp fire roasting and the marshmallows just
melting on the chocolate on the graham crackers. The taste of the s’more just melts in
your mouth with the little bit of crunch from the cracker like an ice cream cone on a hot
sunny day. The hot dogs just taste so juicy like an orange but with a meaty flavor. The
quiet sound of birds resting on the soft beach is a time of rest in a war. The rough edges
of the rock feel like the bricks piled waiting to become a house.The ocean feels like a
big blanket of water flowing through the sand. The logs we sit on look like the branches
of the trees that grew from the waters of the ocean, coming from far away to land on
the beach. The sand is a big desert that covers the boundaries of the wet ocean like a
picture in a museum. the color of the beach is two dragons flying in the clouds side by
side. The feeling of the ocean is peace. I never want to leave.

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