Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Goals: Recap

Last year I posted my goals for the year. Some I mastered, some, not so much.

  • No Fiber purchases till May. Excluding clubs. In May, I have Shepherd's Harvest. A local fiber arts festival. I enjoy shopping there. Fiber purchased before then places my SH fund at risk.*
  • To compete in the Tour De Fleece again, no matter where I am. That should be a given, but I'll be traveling for part of it. Oh the challenge! I'll have to watch it online and spin. Triple challenge!
  • To finish a pair of socks (sound familiar??)
Came to terms with the fact I wasn't a sock knitter so I'm calling that a success!
Never bought the pattern or the yarn.. I may still do this though.
  • To make a sweater of any kind
I finished a vest - thereby taking steps toward a sweater. Really a vest is a sweater without sleeves.. It's all about the perspective. So I'm saying 50% credit.
  • To spin the yarn for, and then knit a Shipwreck Shawl.* Fiber purchased for this will be allowed.
I have the fiber I THINK. I'm giving myself 30% credit here.
  • To do a 4 ply yarn.
Done, plus some cabling, and other things.
  • Label all yarn and start recording what I spin.
YES! Success! 
  • Enjoy the process more. I am a goal person, not a process person.
I'm giving myself 50% here again. I still tend to rush through things.
  • Stick to my monthly budget. Last year I succeeded in saving money into long term savings accounts. Now I need to work on a short term savings account. See goal #1 :)
Unemployed. So I guess I did stick to a budget..
  • Take some time for myself and my health. I have a health club membership, I need to use it!
I realized I hated the health club, dropped the membership, and started walking and running. Much better. I ended up focusing on diet a lot more than I'd planned. 

Now to ponder over the goals for this year...

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