Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stocking Up For the Winter

Our cats are indoor cats.

The temperature inside stays fairly stable year round.

Yet two of the cats are packing on weight like we're going to throw them out into the frozen tundra where they'd have to eat micecicles to survive. They argue they are merely fluffy. I argue they are short haired cats.

Not Fluff

Nope, not buying it.

You either. No fluff.

So they are on a diet. This is not a good thing according to them. Really, all we're doing is keeping the door to the magic food room (AKA the upstairs bathroom) closed during our waking hours. Then opening it at night for them to nosh on their free range chicken food until we awaken. Not the end of the world.

However, according to Mercury, this is resulting in him growing weaker by the moment. He yowls to the wold that we need to open the door NOOOOOW before he FAAAAAAAADES into NOOOOOOOTHING!
When really pressed he'll simply collapse in front of the door paw outstretched toward the food source.

Neptune on the other hand, is simply angry. He's stalking around the house, knocking off water glasses, breakables, and randomly biting people. Actually this is his normal behavior. It just seems more intense.

How long can we hold out under this dual assault of cat hatred? We shall see.

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  1. A couple of our cats get a little bigger this time of year. They never let them get fat, though.