Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Bet You Expected a Taylor Tirade

Sure, I am disgusted by the results last night at the CMA awards. Actually I boycotted them (except to see Kenny of course) due to the lack of Kenny's nomination. And maybe, just maybe my social media responses may have been the following:

"Practically the entire show was a fiasco. I boycotted it due to Kenny Chesney not being nominated for Entertainer of the year (though I did watch his performance.) But seriously, Taylor Swift has no talent, just amazing marketing. Her marke...ting team does deserve an award. All I can say is welcome back Faith Hill - maybe between Reba, Faith, Martina and Carrie we can restore something besides off pitch shrieking to female country music."
"Boycotting the CMA's since Taylor Swift was nominated for Entertainer of the year, and Kenny Chesney was not. Irate is not too strong."

"Seriously 100 great country music singers, and one who can't sing her way out of a paper bag. But she's ent of the year? Stupid."

"NO! She can't sing a note. Her voice could be used as a form of torture."

"Wow all the Xfactor singers can sing circles around someone who won Entertainer of the Year. I demand a recount."

"So overnight I decided all the CMA voters don't actually listen to country music. Reba, Brad, Carrie, and Kenny are who again? grrrrrrrr" (sorry Kenny for listing you last there - you're first of course - always first!)

Sure, I said those things. And I don't regret it. But is an awards show important in the great scheme of things? No, it's not.

I have a vow not to talk about Politics on this blog - it's a polarizing issue, especially now in this country. This blog is a happy place. However I might violate that rule right now. My blog, my rules. Because I do wonder, I wonder a lot, why the CMA's, Kim Kardashian's divorce, and what's on TV is more important than the news.

Start political rant:
Why do so many not listen, and take ownership of their party, their beliefs, and what is happening? Why is it still ok in this country to marginalize or make fun of someone assaulting a woman, or sexually harassing someone at work? And why is it ok to say that the person assaulted didn't matter because she filed for bankruptcy or had financial issues. So she wasn't rich - does that mean in our culture she doesn't matter? Why do we become irate over a  coach or a priest being caught molesting children - not because they did it but because it threatens our belief system or a win. Why is what you say more important than your actions? At the same time why are we not responsible for what we say? Can I tell a blatant lie about the President on TV, and then laugh and say I was joking? When did we decide as a culture this was ok? Have we stopped loving each other, and expecting the best? Only to become a country of people who hate, fear, attack and praise lying sociopathic behavior to get ahead? Why are we not supporting those protesting? Why do we not care? Protesting to change is what this country was founded on, and what makes freedom work. Take a moment, turn on the news and then get involved. Whatever you believe in, it won't happen without you! This is our country, and I for one, want to make a difference. We are America, and we need to appear to be more than spoiled children who are disengaged, with politicians in congress who believe their personal agendas and investments are more important than you, me, our kids, and the future. End political rant. Bet you really do wish it was a Taylor Tirade :)

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