Tuesday, November 29, 2011


First the Shock:

Fresh from the wheel yarns! You see, while we were playing at the waterparks the dogs went to a camp down the road. I am not completely convinced they were thrilled with the camp but it was safe with plenty of doggie playtime. We did not enjoy having them away from us, except for the fact that I could spin on my spinning wheel without one of the following happening:

A - A puppy attacking the pedals.

B - A puppy stealing the roving.

C - A puppy dropping a tennisball in my lap.

D - A puppy needing to go out.

E - A puppy grabbing one of the zillion things he shouldn't have and racing away with it for the glory of the chase.

None of the above really bother me, it goes with the territory and too soon he'll be a well mannered adult dog. However, my yarn production has dropped significantly. But this weekend I finally got 2 bobbins plied and skeined. Yay me!

Grapes of Wrath BFL/Silk from Knittyandcolor. About 175 yards

Waiting to be plied, sparkly batt from knittyandcolor

Jealous Cat

Merino/Yak from a LYS. About 150 yards. Already stolen to make a hat.

I also worked on a vest (Lolita). This is the 2nd knit, the first one I made an error so had to take out a good 3 inches. Oops. At least I realized it fairly quickly. Not bad for knitting in a noisy waterpark.
Size comparison?

See? Really it is a pattern. This always startles me.

And now for the Wave. While I was doing the above (and cooking food) the others were either racing up and down slides, or riding the tidal waves. I actually love the wave pool too, but I wasn't in there 8 hours a day like some others.

It was a tiring weekend

Really tiring.

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