Sunday, August 12, 2012


As not highlighted in the last post, clearly there has been a steep learning curve with building things. I knew how to use a drill, but did not know how to use a saw well. I don't take great measurements, and there's the fact I SUCK at math. Math is occasionally critical. I was insanely proud when my bunny run turned out, but hanging shelves can put me into tears of frustration. There's a lot of measuring, and stud finding, not to mention drilling at funky angles and holding a heavy shelf at a funky height.

But still, shelves had to go up. For one thing, I wanted to place a fish tank in my house. After the horrors of the cats at the last house, I wanted a shelf above it to eliminate them jumping on top. Smart right?

Except after 16 holes looking for the studs, it became clear that the wall I was placing the tank on, was a false wall without studs placed except where they had dry walled. So, my shelf wouldn't fit.

Undeterred by the holes, I went back, and bought an 8 foot shelf and installed it. Ha! Solved that.

In the next couple days, I hung a mirror and did some other projects, but the fact I had an extra shelf rather nagged me. After some discussion, we decided to hang it in the guest room. Somewhat an expert now, I quickly located the studs on one side, and then we used anchors on the other side. Super fast install, it looked great and off I went to play outside in the gardens.

That night, my mom called me over to show me the door to the guest room. It's a pocket door, that slides into the wall. It had been a long day, and I was tired. I was more than a little annoyed when she showed me it was stuck. "How did you break THIS?" I asked. She just told me to look again.

I did.

I, being the shelf expert I was, had found a great stud. In the form of the pocket door. Yes, our guest room door is now stuck 2/3 open. With 3 inch screws. I rock.

Evidently I need to install another shelf. After I take it down and putty the huge holes in the door, and remeasure it all. Sigh.

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