Saturday, August 4, 2012

Farmers Market Salads

We've become regular visits to the farmers market here, and each week I try to think up ways to use their ingredients in our meals.

Today was no different, except for the first time all year the temperature had crept over 75 (yes, over 75) and people were complaining over the heat and leaving early. Now, I know this is nothing compared to most of the country, but for here, the few days over 75 a year, are dreaded by most of the locals. I have a hunch most people live on the coast because it doesn't get warm.

To combat the heat, I made our market finds today into salads, one hot, one cold.

The first salad is a dill potato salad. Unfortunately I couldn't find fresh dill this week,
so I used dill from the store, but the results were still great.

I used baby yukon gold potatoes, boiled them till tender and mixed
olive oil, dill, and dijon mustard together in a bowl.

Drain and toss the still hot potatoes in the dressing and serve. SO GOOD! So fast, and easy!


The next salad I took pear tomatoes and cherry tomatoes and halved them.
I drained and rinsed a can of black beans, and dumped that in a bowl with
about 2 cups of frozen corn. Added the tomatoes, some balsamic, a little olive oil,
and salt and pepper. I added some fresh basil and chives and served. Easy, refreshing and colorful.
Tomorrow we're supposed to be cooler. Good thing cause Ramses wants to go to the beach.

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