Monday, August 6, 2012

I Have a Little Project...

From 1987 - 2004 the Seattle Mariners had a great, awesome, should be in the Hall of Fame but isn't yet because he was mostly known as a designated hitter player named Edgar Martinez. Edgar, along with being an amazing hitter, who could shoot doubles out like it was batting practice, (Seriously, .312 batting average career, .418 OBP!) also happened to be cute, sweet, and had an ADORABLE accent. Just to be clear here, I am not one of those annoying females who watches baseball for the cute guys. I hate that. I recently attended a game with someone who did that. Drive. Me. Nuts. Hello, they are athletes and I respect them. But I will say, Edgar is adorable.

Anyway, Eagle Hardware, a local chain, hired Edgar to be their spokesperson. And did some incredible commercials. Here is proof:

Wanna see him bat? Amazing form! Oh how I miss these guys!

Anyway. After these Eagle commercials, everytime I start to think of doing something around the house I say (in a really bad accent) I have a little Pro-yect...

Moving into a new house means you have pro-yects. Big pro-yects, little pro-yects, necessary pro-yects, optional pro-yects. Wanna see some of my Pro-yects? I mean projects?

Ok, I had a lot of help with this one - not from Edgar unfortunately.
It's our new screened n porch.

The kitties are now allowed outside into the porch. They LOVE it!

Flowers! I have been going crazy in the garden.
I built the bunnies a bunny tractor. I didn't have much help.
It's sturdy, secure, and made almost entirely out of recycled items I had
around the house already.

The buns LOVE it!

I painted and trimmed the door on the boathouse. Next is to paint
the trim and upper boards. But first I have to get that tree fixed up.

Painted the front door purple, and also the porch white. It just looks so perky!
I also have done some raised beds, but I'll have to take pictures of those 'pro-yects' later.

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  1. Everything looks just beautiful, Heather! Great job on all the pro-yects. Love the bunnies!