Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Recap?

It's nice outside I think I'll play,
too many things to do today.

I can't stay inside, where's the fun in that?
We live at the beach now, where's my hat?

Into the sunshine I will go,
to build things in the sand and soil.

Out of wood cat houses and gardens will come,
Each a work in progress, rustic say some.

I'll dig and I'll toil and in my spare time,
I'll play with the kids and dogs, this will be fine.

Sleep isn't necessary or any good,
cause I need to build things out of this huge stack of free wood.

Afterall, it's summer and too soon it will go,
Wait a minute, this isn't Minnesota, there won't be any snow!

Now that the Tour de Fleece is over, and the kids have tearfully left town,
August will make time slow a little bit down.

But knowing me probably not,
right now I seem to be painting a lot.

A scheme is developing for the old boat house,
which involves lots of flowers, and yellow paint to douse.

Not to mention the garden building galore,
and somewhere in the mix I fit knitting and spinning once more.

But it's all great fun, too you see.
As everything is perfect, when you move to the Sea.

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