Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yarn Flurries

Finally I finished plying the last of the 2nd bobbin of Cormo. I had a lot of help with this one. I take back what I said about Ramses growing up. He has grown up into adolescence. In the past 2 days, he has stolen more yarn, and found more dangerous objects to show me. And every time I'd sit down to ply he'd either get tangled int the yarn, or else he'd start bringing me tennis balls or toys. Or he'd come bouncing into the room with a skein of yarn, or a ball of roving in his mouth, and a sparkle in his eye waiting for me to chase him. Whatever the case was, I managed to get most of it plied during my DVR of Once Upon a Time (I think it's the proximity to Rumplestiltskin that makes me need to spin during that show) and then the rest today. I'm up to 740 yards now. I'm going to finish off the remaining fiber. I'm hoping for over 1000 yards. Upon reflection, doesn't this remind you of an early fall snow? White with just flecks of green.. Or a field of daisies. Ooh, I like that better. No flurries, just daisies...

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