Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Oscar Day

The last 2 Saturdays we spent watching the Academy Award Nominees for best picture. I really have no idea which one is going to win, they're all good movies but none are great. The one with dramatic 'Oscar' power was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which wrung you out mentally. George Clooney was amazing in The Descendants, seriously he is more Cary Grantish every year. I think he's Cary Grant reincarnated. Hugo was touching, Moneyball was fun and really well done, it even made me root for the A's for the first and only time, but of course still not against the Mariners. I skipped Warhorse, I didn't think I could handle a war movie with horses dying. Too traumatic. Tree of Life was like studying a painting for 2 hours, complex and thought provoking but not for everyone. The Help was meaningful, better than the book in my opinion but rather Civil Rights light, I thought it could have been more dramatic, and would have been in reality. Midnight in Paris was a vacation, and The Artist was touching and heartwarming.

Of course the best part..

Of the movies...

Is the popcorn!

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