Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to Normal

Ramses is growing up. Or else I am getting better at throwing a tennis ball while spinning yarn. In any case I actually have handspun yarn churning off the wheel again! Miracles do happen!

Bobbin #2 of a cormo/silk noil blend I purchased last year at the fiber fest.
I still have some more to go. I am try to get it all spun up before plying.

Falkland from The Spinning Bunny. 115 yards of bulky prettiness.  
Merino/Tencel blend from Knitty and Color (Serpents Tail I believe)
This was the yarn that was meant to be plied with another bobbin of
pink. Evidently they objected to this plan since the pink bobbin disappeared
immediately upon this one's completion, only to turn up when I had finished the plying.
Oh well. I'm not sure they would have matched anyway.. 245 yards.

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