Friday, September 23, 2011

Wild Ride on the Crazy Mouse

When we were at the fair a few weeks ago, the kids wanted to ride the Wild Mouse. They made it around once, jumped back into line, when the mouse stalled. What follows is a photo story of what happens when a roller coaster gets stuck. No one was injured - at least to my knowledge.

There were 2 cars stuck in total. First red shirt dude came up and wandered around for awhile.

He seemed fascinated by the pink car, and I'm assuming the brakes.

I don't think the passengers were amused.

He pushed the entire thing down to a flat area.

Where he was joined by red shirt #2

Trying to fix the brakes or whatever. I think this appears dangerous.

Finally they led the purple car people away.

Then pushed pink car back up.

And led them down.

Then 3 guys pushed the purple car free, and took them both for repairs.
Believe it or not, they fixed it, and the kids managed to ride it that evening.


  1. God bless kids. They're so naive and innocent!! Me...that'd be my last coaster ride EVER!! And I'm sure I'd have nightmares the rest of my life!!
    Thanks, Heather, for the very nice comment about my FO's. I really appreciate it.

  2. I wouldn't want to ride it after that. Your kids are brave.

  3. that is scary as hell!!!!!!!!!
    if that would have happened to me i would have been sceaming my guts out.