Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Whirlwind

As I sit here typing I have mock Benihana Onion soup simmering on the stove (I'll post the recipe if it's any good - not vegetarian though, it's for the Benihana loving kid), and the dogs are chewing new beef bones enthusiastically. In other words, it's a lovely, lovely afternoon.

The weekend was a lot of fun, but it sure went fast. Kevin's sister Richelle got married in a lovely ceremony in his hometown, so Saturday was spent up there. Actually my Saturday was spent first at the annual St Helena's Days Parade where Cory was playing the drums, and then in the car. When I stopped at a gas station to change into wedding appropriate clothes (very different from parade appropriate clothes), I got caught by another guest there "Oh you're going to that wedding too?" It could only happen to me.

And then at the reception, I was knitting a shawl before the start, and had a nun compliment me on how industrious I was. That, could only happen to me too. (and probably only happen at a Minnesota wedding. I don't recall nuns at the coast weddings I have been to).

It also laid to rest the fact that they really, seriously do polka at weddings here. This made me wish that I had brought my camera to record the event, just to prove to everyone that people still polka. Unfortunately I'd left it in the car that had dropped me off at the door 10 minutes before the ceremony. It was however, much better to leave that in the car than the present.

And what was the present? I. Knitted. A. Throw. By hand! By myself! YES! I DID IT! This monumental task now lays behind me as an achievement of my knitting career. A real throw, big enough to use. In a lovely feather and fan pattern with purling in it even. And I mean real purling not the 'I think I'm purling' purling that I tended to do in the past while really not purling. Nope. Not a stitch when unpurled, not a feather went unfanned. It was a glorious thing. And I have no proof, since I forgot to take a picture of it, preblocking, after blocking, or artistically strewn over something like the piano. Oops. But take my word for it, it was quite lovely. This was also the first thing that I've knitted and given away. Typically by the time I am done with something, I've put so much work into it that I get overly attached and worry that they won't like it and it will live unloved. But this one I managed to push aside the thoughts they'd hate it and packaged it up anyway. Hopefully they loved it, and understood the work and thought that went into it all.

So that's the weekend at a glance, Parade. Driving. Wedding. Reception. Dancing. Driving. Sleeping. Oh, and there was a considerable amount of knitting in there too, in hopes to get a shawl done in time for the wedding. Which didn't happen. But the shawl is actually progressing pretty well, I'm developing fairly good speed knitting skills.

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