Monday, September 5, 2011

The Great Frozen Tundra End of Summer Celebration

AKA the State Fair.

I love fairs, we would of course growing up we would never miss the Puyallup fair, we went to the Missouri State Fair (Hotter than Hades, but still fun - lots of ice water, air conditioned buildings and mules), and we have made it a ritual to go to the state fair here. The fact it takes place right as the weather is cooling down, yet right before it starts to freeze, was excellent planning on the fair makers part.

This year was a short visit - and most likely the last(!!!) That made it all the better as we enjoyed the favorites, ate the things it's known for, and enjoyed a beautiful Seattle-like day. I will even not mention the fact it will probably snow in a month. No, let us just enjoy September sunshine for awhile..

First stop - Elephant ear!

I still think this is weird, but I've never had one, so I can't really fairly pass judgement

Love the hair!

2nd stop - footlong hot dog!

I love this poncho. I'm wondering if I could make it.. minus the fringe plus a border?

Dipping Dots.

More candy bars in batter and fried. Hm.

You can barely see it, but this is the Lake Wobegon headquarters.

There was a sea of people everywhere. Seriously it was like this then entire fair

Making a rope with cowboys

At the horse corrals

Isn't this the prettiest cow?

Love these sheep!

Going through the barns was a lot more enjoyable as a vegetarian.
Evidently I've always harbored guilt over eating a cow.

But who couldn't? Look how cute he is!


"Let's get together, Say hey Alligator!" I have no idea what he was doing here

Grilled corn, I think they thought it was worth the 30 minute wait

Mini donuts for our donut lover

It was a 45 minute wait for cookies

Their parents were on the zipper. I think Cory was worried.

Trying to win a huge cow.

Machinery hill

Another shot with a country type couple in it for interest..

Taffy stand, nowhere near as good as the Puyallup fair taffy.

Home with our cookies in tow


  1. Mmmmm... I love Sweet Martha's cookies. Too bad you had to wait 45 minutes for them! Wow!

  2. I haven't been to a fair since my kids were younger.