Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Wasn't Joking

I really did go play outside. I still am. While simultaneously giggling and feeling guilty for those still stuck in the frozen tundra - which is evidently NEVER going to unfreeze, I have been reveling in springtime in the evergreen state! Glorious spring that makes up load the car up with plants, haul dirt, buy ducklings to eat slugs and dream of the fact that only sunshine and roses await us. Sure, there are raindrops too - rain makes the flowers grow after all...

So here is a recap of the past month - ok 2. Who is counting anyway?

Built a potting bench.

Crocus bloomed

Lots of them

Staging a yard takeover

Garlic, elephant and otherwise is growing

Kale overwintered

So did lettuce

Azaleas burst out

Bleeding hearts bloomed

Daffodils danced

So happy in their new beds

And we got a slug patrol
I  currently have a huge amount of plants sitting outside to be planted, and I am ordered 7 yards of compost tomorrow. Yup. It's spring - outside the Frozen Tundra that is!

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