Thursday, January 17, 2013


 I started this week with great expectations of remodeling the house. OK, not really remodeling, my goal was to paint, and then hang pictures on the wall. I mean, I've been here almost 8 months, and 'I'll work on the house when it's rainy' has gone on and on and on. I underestimated  the fact that YES it does rain, yet it doesn't rain non stop. The few really rainy days here have been spent shopping, cleaning the garage (I swear the garage breeds empty boxes), or once in awhile doing nothing. Nothing is not overrated.

So this week dawned sunny but I was determined. And I have been VERY productive!

I have:

Cleaned under the rabbit cages.
Built another flower bed.
Planted 100 bulbs.
Cleaned the porch.
Stared at my vegetable beds hopefully.
Made - not placed but filled out a wish list - of seeds.
Researched fruit trees.
Moved a shelf.
Groomed the rabbits.
Spun yarn.
Groomed the poodle.
Organized one drawer.

Finally yesterday I was bound and determined. I went shopping. Not for paint, I'd scrapped that idea, I mean, I had no time left in this week. Well, and I'd realized I couldn't really move the bed. I think we may have glued it to the floor. But anyway, I was going to get some new organizy things, and put up pictures. So I went to the store.

This is what I came home with:

Three fruit trees. Well, and 16 packages of flower seeds.

I am hopeless. I am destined to do outside things. Housework makes me frustrated and not happy. I am not bad at it, I am artistic at hanging pictures, good at decorating. But let's get real, unless I am decorating a garden, I do not get enjoyment out of it.

I can be frustrated, and try to change myself, or I can accept it. Be as I am, love myself for me. Me is a girl flitting around in a garden talking to the trees, enjoying the animals, watching plants grow and dreaming of a labyrinth herb garden. Me is not someone who spends hours picking out curtains.

And I did get hooks for pictures, and a white board, you know, to write things on. I will put them up tomorrow. Right after I plant the trees....

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