Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Like the title? I thought it was pretty unique myself.

It's funny, the ritual of the changing of the year. We think all the sudden everything will be better, easier, we'll right all the wrongs and get a new start.

Of course, in reality, life is what you make of it. Do we change life, or does life change us? The years and the lessons we learn might be hard but overall it's the fun we have along the way, not the destination the lies in store. We can't be sure of our future, but we can be sure of our reactions to our present.

I don't know what 2013 holds. I know that last night, we watched the spectacular fireworks show over the Space Needle, and then I woke up to a beautiful sunny day over the peninsula. The ducks were playing on the lake, and the dogs and I went on a 4 mile long walk along the beach and the Discovery trail. We saw people doing Yoga, playing, and meditating. All appreciating this perfect day on their own. And since we are all here and present, 2013 is a perfect year.

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