Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I think Montana and I have a mutual hatred for each other. We legt the house bright and early on Monday. Ok, not so bright and early, but reasonable. I mean it was before noon afterall. Once we left the beautiful weather of the northwest though we ran into torrential downpours, fog, manufactured homes taking up the entire road, and a broken down swimming pool. Yes, that sentence is correct. A broken down swimming pool.

After all of that, we gave in and switched our reservations to Missoula as opposed to Bozeman.

The next morning the skies were clear from the rainstorms thanks to the hurricane force winds buffeting the car. They lasted until Bismarck.

Of course I have now learned that we will be visiting Nashville during CMA fan fest. I am not sure whether to embrace this, and buy the kids cowboy hats, or to skim around Nashville on a scenic route... Decisions, decisions...

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