Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Was Going To...

Goodbye little garden. Grow while I'm away...
... Write a post about the cool historical ships in port in a nearby town. Except I didn't really make it to see the ships. We saw the masts as we turned around to head home due to a work blip.

Tomorrow we head off on vacation to Disney again. This trip will be a massive one. We head to Minnesota, pick up the kids, and then drive to Disneyworld. We then leave there, and drive back here HOME! I love Disney, I really do, but frankly I would rather be here watching the geese on our lake, walking the beaches, and gardening.

I am heading out secure in the knowledge that the fence is done, the currently purchased plants are planted, and that the 16 roses I ordered will be waiting for me when I get back.Most of the boxes are unpacked, and things are coming together.

Stay tuned for more fun adventure stories. We drive through Montana (again) tomorrow.

Goodbye Beach, see you in 2 weeks

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